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THIS IS VERY SERIOUS: Did U Known That Malaysian Has Be Sentenced More than 10 Years In Jail For Insulting Islam And The Prophet Mohammed On Social Median

ReutersMARCH 9, 20196:12PM A Malaysian has been sentenced to more than 10 years' jail and three others have been charged over insults against Islam...

Sat, Mar 2019

BRAKING NEWS; This Is Unbelievable Did U Know That 10 Foolish Boyz That Called Themself yahoo boyz Was Caught By The Economic and Financial Crime Commission(E F C C ) In Ibadan

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibadan zonal office, on Friday, March 8, 2019, arrested 10 suspected internet fraudsters at Olugun Olu...

Sat, Mar 2019

Imagine that the so called notorious criminal called shins Rambo who terrorised the South-West Nigeria in the 1990s.has repented and is now an evangelist

Shina Rambo was a notorious bandit who terrorised South-West Nigeria in the 1990s. After serving jail-time for his crimes, he was converted by an evan...

Sat, Mar 2019

Two men have been arrested and handed over to the Nigerian Army after they were reportedly caught while attempting to plant Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on Idembia bridge in Ezza South local government area of Ebonyi state.

Two men have been arrested and handed over to the Nigerian Army after they were reportedly caught while attempting to plant Improvised Explosive...

Mon, Feb 2019

guess whom you are looking for and find a way to meet him

They where looking for a lion,he came as a lamb and they missed him. They where looking for a worroir, he came as a peacemaker and they misse...

Sun, Feb 2019

wow;this is how Chapo': the US Agent Helped Capture Drug Lord Joaquin Guzman Tells Story of Manhunt

For the first time since he began hunting one of the world’s most notorious drug lords, the man who helped make the second capture of Joaquin "El Ch...

Sun, Feb 2019

Wow The Japan's Prime Minister Nominated Donald Trump For The Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump claimed that Japan's prime minister had nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize for opening a dialogue with North Korea. M...

Sat, Feb 2019

Disappointment By Poll Delay To President

The top challenger to Nigeria's president in the now-delayed election is urging Nigerians to be patient and says he is heading back to the capital to ...

Sat, Feb 2019

Wow Did You Know That The Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Feel Over 20 Years Younger Of Men Above 45 Years Of Age

Dear friend, My name is Mr Steven; I recently turned 53-year-old. The most frustrating experiences men could ever go through is when they can’t per...

Tue, Feb 2019

Jeez, do you know that Prince Philip gave up renewing his driving license because of the last car crash he had!

Witnesses said Prince Philip pulled into a main road from a drive Prince Philip also received a warning from police for driving without a seat belt t...

Mon, Feb 2019

A woman in a vegetative state for years suddenly gives birth! WTF?? Who is the sicko behind this??

Police in Arizona have launched an investigation amid reports a woman who has been in a vegetative state for 14 years gave birth. The victim - who is...

Sun, Jan 2019

Jeez! You wont believe what was hidden in a mattress en route to Europe!!!

THIS is the astonishing moment migrants were discovered hidden inside bed mattresses strapped to a van in a desperate bid to reach Europe. Shocking f...

Tue, Jan 2019


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