This dude could not afford a trip to Hawaii. What he then did will make you laugh for days!!! LOL!!!!

Sun, Jul 2019


This dude could not afford a trip to Hawaii. What he then did will make you laugh for days!!! LOL!!!!


Going on a summer vacation sounds good to just about everybody, but affording it is another story. Anthony Bustamante, who makes funny videos on social media, took his dream trip to Hawaii without paying a dime. Except, he totally made it up. “I can’t afford a trip to Hawaii so I created one,” Bustamante, 21, who lives in Los Angeles, captioned a 52-second video on Friday that shows him in front of an obvious green screen enjoying his “Hawaiian vacation.

” The video scenes include Bustamante frolicking in an oversized pink sunhat, surfing with Lilo and Stitch, and touching molten lava.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but never could afford it or find time, so I decide to create my own little vacation experience,” Bustamante tells Yahoo Lifestyle. The video currently has nearly 6 million views on Twitter and over 12 thousand views on Instagram, since it was uploaded a few days ago.

Commenters can deeply relate to Bustamante’s predicament. “This shows how broke our generation is lmao,” one commenter noted. “This is my travel budget for the rest of the year,” another said. Bustamante says he enjoys making videos but that his day job is working with elders at a nursing home.

“I just love making people smile and laugh,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. One company took major note of Bustamante’s Hawaii dream: the travel site KAYAK. To which Bustamante replied, “Wait what!?!?” The details are still being worked out, but Busamante’s fake trip to Hawaii might have won him not just more fans, but a very real trip to Hawaii.

*searches flights from LA to Hawaii* $513 round trip? Yeah, we can cover that for you. — KAYAK (@KAYAK)



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